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Phase 2: Power Training

Alright, so previously I detailed the workout I’ll be using for Phase 1. By the end of Phase 1, the off-season is at least halfway over and it’s time to start working with more athletic movements with more range of motion and higher repetitions. After 3 months of improving strength, it’s time to get that […]

My “Before”

I’ve measured myself and tested where I’m at and I’m ready to get started next week. The results of my testing below are probably a little lower than they could be. I’m noticing that the Mohawk Valley Cup has damaged me a bit more than I originally thought. There’s still a lot of pain and […]

Quantifying Success: Before Pics and Testing

Before starting a workout routine, it’s a great idea to take note of where you’re coming from. While running Phase 1, you will want to eat as much as you need to in order for your body to repair itself and build muscle. This means you will be eating above your maintenance number of calories. […]

Phase 1: Strength Training

The Mohawk Valley Cup has ended and, with it, our competitive season comes to an end. Practices continue as normal, but there is no longer a reason to remain unfatigued and bout-ready. Instead, it’s time to test the limits of your body’s strength and ability to recover. This should take up at least half of […]