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Phase 2: Power Training

Alright, so previously I detailed the workout I’ll be using for Phase 1. By the end of Phase 1, the off-season is at least halfway over and it’s time to start working with more athletic movements with more range of motion and higher repetitions. After 3 months of improving strength, it’s time to get that […]

My “Before”

I’ve measured myself and tested where I’m at and I’m ready to get started next week. The results of my testing below are probably a little lower than they could be. I’m noticing that the Mohawk Valley Cup has damaged me a bit more than I originally thought. There’s still a lot of pain and […]

Phase 1: Strength Training

The Mohawk Valley Cup has ended and, with it, our competitive season comes to an end. Practices continue as normal, but there is no longer a reason to remain unfatigued and bout-ready. Instead, it’s time to test the limits of your body’s strength and ability to recover. This should take up at least half of […]

The Plan: Purpose, Goals, and Phases

Before I start going into the details of my off-season training, it’s important to identify the purpose of the off-season and make sure the goals are clear. I could serve myself well to just head into the gym every other day and do a few sets of this and a few sets of that and […]

Off-Season Approaches

Every jammer has been there before. You fight hard, you make a few mistakes, you get beaten up, but finally you’ve made your way out of the pack… though not before your opponent. That’s ok, you still have a job to do. You’re tired but you hear your bench manager yelling “go, go, go!” You […]